2021-22 Season Opener (On time)

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Breaking News: Erickson 5-peats as Commissioner of the Year—- “The back pain from 17 weeks of sleeping on the basement couch has now really paid itself off!!”

World Population vote on what team they favor to win the

Forx Frozen Faceoff.

Map 3

Forx Frozen Faceoff

#2 Red Pepper






7:45 Rydell

#1 Ground Round/Broods






Pepper 21

Top 5 Bros-Playoff Leaders

1Tony Uglem36280:00011
2Alex Simonson33473:00000
3Nick Schaefer34370:00000
4Johnny Simonson36170:00001
5Zach Roed24260:00000

Thank you to all our Sponsors!!!

Ground Round x2    Korsmo Family Dentistry

Construction Engineers  TriSteel Manufacturing

Evergreen Insurance  Brady Martz & Assoc.

  Adams Family Farms   DayDreams Specialties  AE2S

iSight RPV   Johnny's Lounge  Buffalo Wild Wings

   Red Pepper   Golf Center   Rumors Sports Bar

   Gerrells Hockey World

Week 17 3/24/2021
The Judd
6:15 Golf Center vs. Ground Round/Daydreams
7:30 Johnny's Lounge vs. BWW
8:45 ISight RPV vs. Rumors
6:30 AE2S vs. Adams
7:45 Red Pepper vs. Ground Round/Broods


Game of the Week

Ground Round/Daydreams vs Ground Round/Broods (On time)


Forx Hockey requires each player to wear a helmet with straps, shin pads, elbow pads and gloves.

  • Penalties are 3min running time
  • Icing is called from the defensive zone blue line
  • There are no timeouts (need to allow time for Shootouts)
  • No shots taken with stick above the knees (*play is blown dead for a fake slapshot)
  • Ejections are for the game... multiple game ejections may constitute suspensions

Respect the game.......because the game knows you're getting old and fat.......---Commish