Playoff Rosters

Forx Playoffs---Weeks 14-17

Games will be standard 17 Minute running time periods--Overtime will be 5-minute Sudden Death, 3v3. Regular season shootout rules after 3v3.

All teams will play all 17 weeks. Winners advance to next round.

Week 14 has the play-in games that will feature the games between 10 vs. 7 and 8 vs. 9.

The Top 6 will play their "bye week" week 14 also considered to be a practice described here.

Tiebreakers for seeding: 1. Head to Head wins 2. Overall Goal Differential 3. Rock, Paper, Scissors

**Please note that the current Standings Tab defaults by Differential and not head to head

**Rosters-- 5 game regular season minimum. 

Teams cannot pick up players from other teams. Goalie substitutions can only be Forx rostered goalies.   

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         #2 GROUND ROUND/BROODS                                                                                               #1 RED PEPPER

                                    13-2-0                                                                                                                                                                        13-2-0

                       5-OT                                                                                                                                                                        4