22 Awards
1st Forx All-Tournament Team
F-Jake LaDouceur - GR/Broods
F-Coltyn Sanderson-Red Pepper
F-Grant Johnson-Red Pepper
D-Ryan LaDouceur-GR/Broods
D-Alec Lazur-GR/Broods
G-Nate Bradbury-GR/Broods
2nd Forx All-Tournament Team
F-Ross Johnson-Golf Center
F-Michael Lukkason-GR/Daydreams
F-David Hovet-GR/Broods
D-Rocky Copiskey-Red Pepper
D-Jordy Aamott-Golf Center
G-Chris Decker- Rumors
Honorable Mentions:
M. Sage-Adams, M. Pochatek-Adams, Ca. Aarvig-BWW, C. Jacobi-GR/Broods,N. Schaefer-Red Pepper,
L. Wallace -GR/Broods, R. Turner-Golf Center, R. Huttunen -GR/D, J. Hegg-Rumors, G. Halonen-Rumors, J. Brown-GR/D
R. Olson -Johnny's, B. Kjenstad -AE2S, H. Warner-AE2S, B. Halverson-Johnny's, S. Bye-Rumors, M. Link-iSight
If you were to check the locker room garbage can…
AE2S Some sort of weird engineered home brew
Ground Round/Broods Busch Light 12OZ
Ground Round/Daydreams Busch Light 16OZ
Atlas Auto/Johnnys Bud Ice
Red Pepper White Claw-Pomegranate
Buffalo WW Budweiser
iSight Old Milwaukee
Adams Snow Mich Ultra
Rumors Boxed Wine
Golf Center Whatever their older brothers buy