Forx Rules:

Icing: Icing is called from inside the teams defensive blue line. 

Game Ejections: When game ejections are enforced the player is removed from that game. 2 or more game ejections may constitute game suspensions and will be addressed case by case. --Factors may include frequency and severity--  *If a player is suspended and plays during the suspension, the team will forfeit that games league points*

Misconduct penalties in the last 5 minutes of a game: Will be carried over and assessed in the next weeks game, i.e., a period suspension and beyond.

Fighting: Zero tolerance here. This includes throwing a punch. 

Punches thrown/Wrestling: Game DQ + 1 Game (Referees discretion)

1st Offense: Game DQ + 3 Games

2nd Offense: Game DQ + 5 Games

3rd Offense: Game DQ + Season 

Rosters: A team that is under 10 skaters can pick up extra players not on their roster to reach 10 skaters. If game goes to shootout-you may not use the added players. Player stats are only recorded for games played under rostered team. 

Playoff Rosters: No team is allowed to pick up extra players from other teams. Rostered Players must of played a minimum of 5 games.

Shoot outs: 3 rounds total. If tied at the end of the 3rd round the game is registered as a tie and each team receives a point in the league standings. The team that scored last to force the shootout has the option to choose which team will shoot first in the shootout. 

Final Minute Penalty: In the event the team that is ahead in the final minute of play is assessed a penalty in a 2-goal or less game, the refs will stop and reset the clock to the time it was blown dead. 

No shots above the knee: Shots taken above the knee are blown dead and the faceoff is moved to that teams defensive zone. 'Fake Slapshots' also blown dead and moved to defensive zone. 

This is an "Adult" hockey league... please don't force the refs to babysit